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Hey Dolls,

Welcome to Ty's Closet a brand and business I started in my head as a little girl. I would play dress up in my grandmother's and mother's closet. There I would find solace in the beauty of cloth. As a young girl growing up in the streets of Harlem, NY, where the fashion is created and often duplicated by others. I realized that I came from a mecca of fashion forward people. I would ride the subway to school and find inspiration in what your everyday people wore. From your 9-5 workers to your local drug dealers. This is where my inspiration gathered.I would come to school with the best threads one could where. The compliments were enticing and somewhat unexpected because there was no effort it was just something I loved to do and that was dress. As I gained confident in the compliments, I would then size up others in their dress efforts in hopes that I could dress them as well. To say the least Ive prided myself on inspiring others on how to dress and what fashion can mean to you.

Ive started Ty's Closet as blog in 2009. writing gossip columns on celebrities and pop culture issues. From there, I decided to start a online website that then inspired me to take my dream to another level. I opened up my first store located in Gastonia, NC, in a shopping mall. This was a grand opportunity as I learned so much as business owner and a boss. I then opened up my second location in Uptown Charlotte, NC. What Ive learned as I continue to pursue my dreams is its not where you from its where how far you've come. Welcome to Ty's Closet 

Tyrand Lawrence. Owner of Ty's Closet



127 Brevard Court, Suite A 2nd Floor

Charlotte, NC 28202

Tel: 347-847-1350

Monday - Thursday: 10.00 - 8.00


Friday - Saturday: 10.00 - 9.00

Sunday: By Appointment Only

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